Fashionable and Reusable Bottle

Have you ever seen Malaysian use their water bottle as part of their fashion accessory, instead of just as water container for their drink to quench their thirst? How many of you put the extra effort to hide your water bottle inside your bag, so that nobody could see it because it is so unfashionable?

Well, we would like to introduce you to our bottle, Quench, that is so fashionable that you don’t have to carry humongous bag just to save yourself the embarrassment of carrying dull water container. Quench is not just your ordinary water bottle, it can keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. So you don’t have to throw away your unconsumed RM15 morning coffee to the bin, instead keep it fresh in Quench bottle and you can enjoy it later in the afternoon.

Have you heard of the hazardous impact of using plastic water bottle? Of course you do, it is all over the documentary channels!! So, we manufacture Quench bottles from Premium Food Grade stainless steel with no inside lining, non-toxic inks and plus, it is BPA-Free. Refill and reuse your Quench bottles and you will never need to use a disposable cup, water bottle or food container ever again.

So, say goodbye to your boring, unattractive looking water bottle and say Hi to Quench. With this drop dead gorgeous water bottle, you are not only be able to keep your thirst quencher fresh, but it is also healthy, environmentally friendly and cost effective.